“Don’t let me go away like this, Murph..”

Listening to the recently released soundtrack of Nolan’s astronomically astounding Interstellar, I kept replaying in my mind the transition from Murph’s begging of Cooper to not leave to Cooper’s driving away and checking the passenger seat and finally to the count-down of the launch. I will admit that I did tear up during that scene and a few others which however did not impress as distinctly on me as this. I have watched a great number of other heartrending films and yet none have so managed to invoke the kind of vehemence in emotions as this had. And so I thought long about what it was in that scene or of that scene which had so warmly and adroitly strung the strings in my heart.

There were a few points of stark vividness throughout the entire sequence: Murph’s quivering pleads and Cooper’s “don’t let me go away like this”, Cooper’s driving away in his truck and checking under the blanket where once before he had found Murph hiding, and the count-down.

The first was an evocative exposition on unrequited love – Cooper had to leave in the wake of Murph’s bitterness towards him, and to have to leave without an acceptance or any form of regard from your most loved ones is truly an experience inexpressibly painful. The second, through a reminiscence, implied the primordial hope that we all possess – a hope that whatever dismal reality we are faced with is but a grand hoax, and that if we should peer under the familiar blanket, turn the familiar corner, open the familiar door, we shall find that nothing has changed and we can happily return to that blissful world. The last emphasized the fleetingness of time; how the present is always ephemeral and how everything so quickly becomes a fragment of our memory.

Coalesce all these vicarious emotions and there shall be formed a very complete and real episode of leaving a loved one (and of course, there can be no discounting of McConaughey’s and Foy’s superb, or should I say stellar, delivery). And perhaps, that was why I teared.


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