Am I wise or unwise?

I am sometimes confused by the wisdom of my actions; that is, what appears to be a wise undertaking or decision appears at a later instance to be a foolish and ignorant one.

For example, there are times when I feel so strongly that I ought to follow my passion and pursue as a career something which I love. This I support with the strength of the aphorism which in essence tells of how with enough passion and interest in an endeavour, one will eventually soar to great heights. But if I were to pursue that career, I would have to relinquish my current studies in financial accounting, which is by most standards a highly practical and lucrative one. In consideration of this expense, it would seem unwise to pursue a career that at first pays meagerly and where the rungs beyond one’s own is rarely definite, when I could be pursuing another that pays steadily well, and that which is so applicable to this age of banking and finance.

The crossroads of life have never perplexed more than now. I am lost, directionless, helpless because I cannot trust even my own judgement. I shall have to wait for the Almighty above to provide me some semblance of direction, and then, I shall readily trust him.


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