The importance of journaling in faith

Just as no kingdom can be built on a wavering image in the mind, so it is that no spirit can properly be founded upon loose thoughts that so often run askew.

It may sometimes appear to us no different to have our thoughts subsist solely in our minds rather than be manifest in ink – the place of our knowledge’s residence is immaterial for the fact that all knowledge is assimilated immediately upon discovery, and to pen it in words would really be no different than to commit it to memory, which instinctively we already do. Hence, it would seem only a hassle to turn our thoughts into journal entries.

But when we do assimilate ideas in our minds, we do not assimilate them whole, that is not every potential of it is unraveled. Because our minds are infinite in capacity, there is no finite space to contain our thoughts; they will pull in all directions and clumsily tangle themselves in the vacuum. The essence of the idea might remain in the jumble of incoherence, but it is brief and will often easily escape our attention, leaving us with no more than a mere vestige.

How then can we hope to build a strong discourse when no one thought has been properly materialized so that another may be built upon it?

So it is with spirituality. Our experiences are constantly birthing ideas and revelations about our faith, and in those moments we are touched beyond the ordinary; propelled by a rush of zeal to comprehend all that had once eluded us. But as with all things, it will eventually exhaust itself, and the thought shall gradually fade. What we really ought to do then is to capitalize on the crest, to quickly pen in permanent words the idea and all that which extends from it.

I am convinced that in order to grow tangibly in spirit, our thoughts must first be made tangible. Only when the bricks we lay are firm and infallible, shall our stairway to the kingdom of God’s truth be slowly built.

P.S.: this has been posted on the BASIC tumblr page as well. lolmao roflcopter


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