A man and his dilemma // a short story

A man notices a delightfully pretty girl. He is immediately enthralled. She however does not notice him. One day, by felicitous chance, they are acquainted through a mutual friend. The man’s heart swells with hope and happiness. And as it were, fortune had yet been kinder and decreed that they walk the same route home. The man praises the gods and thinks to himself: this is where it all begins; love. The both of them stroll in the twilight, introducing their lives to each other. Sometimes laughter erupted, sometimes a smile suffused, sometimes curiosity lifted a brow. And each time he caught her laughing or smiling or lifting a brow, he could not help but to feel as if he had somehow transcended into a rosy dream. She was beautiful, sweet, gentle, charming, sophisticated and every thing else that could be asked for in a girl of the rosiest rosy dream – she was who he wanted ti share a life with. Finally they reach her home. He wishes her well and then bids her goodbye. She does the same. They part with a smile.

As he continues on his way home, he begins to recount the entire walk. He thinks first of all the things he had said that came out clunky and ended abruptly. Then he thinks of how he could have said it better, how he could have coaxed an additional laugh or made her remember him more vividly. He recalls her dainty little smile and her petite little laugh. It warms his heart. But as he admires her image, he could not help but to feel a slight sense of hopelessness. Was she not too perfect for his imperfection? While she rests in majesty upon the clouds, he dwells a mendicant on earth.

The man wonders, what then he is to do – should he continue in his pursuit of this lovely girl or should he divest himself completely of his liking for her? If he chooses the former, he risks collapsing his edifice of hope, and moreover, he knows how painful an unrequited fancy can be. If he chooses the latter, he will have set himself at ease, and can then live without the dangers of ambition and expectation. Yet, by choosing the latter, he too will have deprived himself of the chance of winning her heart. If he perhaps tries to pursue her, some mighty luck may in all kindness sway her feelings toward him.

The man thinks long and hard but arrives at no resolution. Perhaps he is to live forever coveting. Perhaps transient pleasures are all that make up life’s pleasures. Perhaps chance will some time again come felicitously and some time again, he and she shall part with a smile.


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