Management Communication 101: trash (talking)

I am currently taking class on how to write better emails. It is a compulsory class and I have doubts about its usefulness.

We are taught, in writing every sort of letter, to conceal the crux, only to reveal it at a more opportune time later on. Opportune here apparently refers to after we’ve finished rambling about some related affair or masking reality in a glittery masquerade. Why not just be straight-forward? To this we are swiftly answered that we must always ease the recipient into the information; drown him in preambles so that he may discover the true intention through blurry lenses, commend him so that he might plummet from an even higher place, and ever more indignantly, into despair, or let him stare into the telescope long enough for him to become frustrated at your not having told him what to look at.

Formalities, formalities. Yet business has no time for formalities. It dispenses with it in such haste that were they to be forced upon its citizens, volcanic fury would surely erupt. And then, would not the meticulousness with which the letter had been crafted have worked so disastrously to the contrary?


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