Oh, swoon!

What a hero Amos Lee is! Come friends, let us band together and welcome this messiah of the new age, this bold champion of the truth. What’s that – the truth? Yes, the truth that shall bring shame to the government. They have lied to us for far too long; held us prisoners to their nefarious policies and coaxed forth our trust with a host of false promises. Ah, these hypocrites, these greedy, good-for-nothing hypocrites! They have done little for their people but to rob them all of their money. And oh, you suppose they have their fancy education to back them up; that they are knowledgeable and logical, and can make sound decisions through objective thinking? No! For if they are truly as clever as you claim them to be, then Singapore would not now suffer from any income inequality!

“The evil that is in the world almost always comes from ignorance.” – Albert Camus


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