The Universal Cake?

I have often been asked why I chose such a name for this frivolous blog. The universal cake has no profound meaning nor is it an allusion to some obscured philosophical concept. It was by chance that those two words came to my mind when I decided to start a blog. “Universe” because I wished to write on every limb of life, and “cake” because it sounded ridiculously out of place juxtaposed against the former word.

I had initially thought of settling on the theme of comedy. My first post, The Big Bang, was a short ramble about what was to come, and I wrote it in such a way as to twist the words into wrought hilarity. But I found it tiring. The comedian’s task seemed far easier performed by the tongue than by the pen. I tried though. In the next post about a parking ticket I received, I brought in elements that I knew would be oddly placed, quite like the trope: Murder, Arson and Jaywalking. I brought in to the manifold discussion of the fate of all life, a dear loaf of bread. Indeed, I struggled. The words were mostly forced, and where there seemed gaps in which I could fill with the liquid stimulant of laughter, I spared no effort. But comedy can’t be forced, can’t be constructed by a meticulous manipulation of words. Comedy is spontaneous, or at least should appear to be. So there I was left with a piece of writing I thought horrible – a failed attempt at assuming that character I proposed.

Naturally, as I continued writing, discouraged by the futility of my comedic efforts, the rest of the posts veered towards whatever mood blanketed me. Quite unfortunately, I was then in the midst of a temporary tragedy. Despair consumed my spirit and so also my mind. Every word thus bore a curlicue of that same tragic bleakness. And I have come to believe that perhaps because I had begun writing in that manner and so furiously at that time, that it has become imbued in the ink of my pen.

But I have since departed from that town of anguish and now do try, whenever possible, to write about things more lighthearted. Perhaps I shall strive to return to that character which at the very start I had wished to be, and which would remain more faithful to the name of this Universal Cake.


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