On prayer

We often pray to God asking for help; we ask that he may conjure a miracle from the hopelessness of the situation, bend the rivulet ahead so that the present may course into a blissful spring. But when we do ask of him all these favors, we are in fact implying that what he has willed is not the best for us, and that we know better than him what is best for ourselves – that is, we have more faith in our wisdom than in God. Thus lies the contradiction between our actions and the omniscience which we ardently and incessantly ascribe to God.

For what then do we pray?

I can think of only one rightful prayer – a prayer for faith and courage. For it is when we possess faith that we will be able to live in harmony with all that happens, and courage that we will be able to stand against the harsh winds of adversity, and long enough to realize that the difficulty is but a test to strengthen the spirit.


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