The expansive remark

It is always the inconspicuous remark that leaves the deepest impression. Just the other day, as we having a discussion, a friend of mine passed a remark that was enlightening to me but not to the others. And she passed it so very subtly, as if it were taken for a fact to which no one opposed, nor raised of it any question, nor devoted to it any particular attention. (For clarity sake, the remark was on the character of a person. It’s nothing disdainful.) The remark thus remained suspended in my mind: I could do nothing to clarify it other than to observe the person and decide on its honesty myself. Eventually, I met the person in question and had even the chance to speak to her. And could I not help from being swayed so heavily by the remark; such that every action she made and word she spoke brought her closer to that impression upon which the others had so casually agreed? But of course, such impressions can be easily dispelled once the acquaintance is taken further than those frivolous, decorous conversations. Still, what a danger quiet remarks may be!


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