Ascertaining the heart

Passions can easily tide over rationale when it comes to affairs of the heart. How then to know if you are truly attracted to someone; and not, as is often realized further on, merely entranced by a singular, short-lasting surge of affection?

I remember very vividly my teacher once telling the class: if you’re thinking of chasing a girl, think first of whether you would want to marry her. This peculiar wisdom has remained in me ever since.

So the best way, it would seem, to know if a girl is ‘right’, is to imagine yourself with her some thirty years down the road. If you can imagine yourself walking with her in a quiet, rain-dampened park, both your hands intertwined, and you looking at her as endearingly as when you first met her; if you can imagine her having lost her vernal beauty but kept that lovely character which you have always treasured most; if you can imagine the evening sun setting indolently before the both of you, and be so contented that it was with her whom you chose to spend an entire life; then you’ll know that your attraction comes not from some cheap lust, but from the highest eyrie of your heart.


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