On superstition

It is difficult to not fall into superstition when attempting to disprove superstition, or otherwise announcing one’s deep skepticism towards it. That one may disbelieve in it, and stand staunchly by the side of reason, does little to quell that primordial fear at the base of one’s heart – the fear of reprisal. “What if I said that I didn’t believe, and they come to haunt me? But, foolish me – there are no such things as ghosts and ghouls! Oh no, I think one had better not make such irreverent claims.” Thus is the vacillation which those disbelievers face. For even with their colossal intellect, they understand that their comprehension of the world is confined to merely the human realm and no farther. Beyond this prison of perception may well lie those supernatural forces they so insistently deny. How then can anyone be sure of the existence of the supernatural? Indeed, it is beyond humanity. Nor can anyone discover the attitudes those outer-world beings – whether they are indifferent or mischievous, amiable or irascible, kindly or malicious. Better to not provoke lest they truly do exist!


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