The danger of prayer

I’ve been finding it hard to pray these days. This isn’t because I have lost my confidence in God by the force of some great disappointment, as it usually has been the case, but because it seems opposed to another impeccable tenet of our faith – that the material world is inessential. When we pray, we often pray for a favor; we pray that God might for this single instance bend the rules of the universe and procure us a fortune which would otherwise have eluded us. We pray for success, we pray for good grades, we pray for rosy opportunities, etc., etc.. But is this all not an admission that the material world is in fact essential, that our happiness rests on reality taking on the landscape our dreamy wish, perhaps, if only we prayed ardently enough, by the prevailing hand of God? And the more we pray, the more we begin to hinge our happiness on the material world; insofar that we do not bother at all to find happiness in the present and the ordinary, in the ethereal beauty of mere existence.


2 thoughts on “The danger of prayer

  1. brruussellllll!
    isn’t it great that you understand that life is so much more than what we’re living – more than grades, more than selfish enjoyment, and things which are temporary.? was it not God who, through the little things in your life, teach these things to you?
    then look around you and see the many others who are still stuck in the cycle you were in in the past..and pray, that they may allow God to be in their lives too and teach them the same things He taught you; pray, that you, with your understanding of God and His love, may be the one who teaches them these things you know. 🙂 pray, not for yourself, but for them..then you realise there’s so much more to pray for.

    heehee see you in a while bruss, praying for y’all. enjoy your hols!


    • OMG THERESA! I SPENT THE LAST 20 MIN TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHO THIS WAS HAHAHHAHA. And yes I suppose that there many other things to pray for/about. I guess I was a little narrow minded when writing this. That is after I heard fr b talk about a prayer session for exam grades. ANYWAY WHEN WILL YOU BE BACK! BASIC MISSES YOU HAHAHA


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