Sketches from the day

#1. This period in camp is proving especially Thoreau-esque. I spend a great deal of time amidst the gay, careless trees and listening to the quiet orchestra of nature. This seems to be exactly retreat I have been longing for: solitary, yet with just enough socializing to keep me sane, and disposing me to appreciate the world as it is, still and uneventful.

#2. It would be far wiser for Christian protestants to take their systems of faith to the homestead of pantheism or deism, to some castle which this age’s secular and staunchly rational crowd cannot assail; instead of to the diasporic branches of Catholicism. The Catholics are worthy enough knights for the adversarial atheists. They do not need unskilled villagers to fight their battles. The atheists too would deign to battle copycats.

#3. Like the Stoics, we must adjust our life stream so that it flows in harmony with the great channel of the world, and remain as Epictetus puts it, “sick and yet happy, in peril and yet happy, dying and yet happy, in exile and happy, in disgrace and happy.”

#4. Also like the Stoics, we must treat everything as an experience and not as a success/failure; much as if they are all cherished drops of life to be accumulated in this big flask of existence. In such a way, there can always be found a gain in every moment, even the unfavorable ones. And we would not have to feel so defeated whenever misfortune strikes.

#5. Religion serves two purpose: first, for the satisfaction God-seeking and second, for the recreation of dissenters. Thus, instead of being infuriated at religion, the dissenters should be grateful; grateful that the world is not a calm ocean of harmony, but a raging one, full of strong winds and violent waves, and in which they may learn to sail (exercise their reason).


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