Who misled the world

Once there was a man who, slightly intoxicated after a night drinking, dreamt a most lucid dream. In this dream, he was on a ship, sailing towards the sunset. And when he finally reached it, he beheld a majestic island, full of palm trees and glistening ponds. This must be the Elysia which grandfather had spoken of, he thought to himself.

When he awoke, the dream was still fresh in his mind. And himself being a skilled artist, painted on a huge canvas the landscape of that magnificent island. He painted it with such detail and clarity, that when the other villagers saw it, they all gawked in awe; believing it to be a real place.

And so they devoted their energies and resources to building a ship; then finally, after months of labor, set sailed towards the setting sun.

Forty days passed and still they were stranded in those desertous waters. Their food and water supplies had already dwindled. Many peered hopefully into the telescope, but all they saw were endless blankets of blue.

Of what happened to them, no one knows.


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