There is but one path

Once I thought I could invent my own position, take opinions from opposing ends and weave them like different colored threads to form a prismatic tapestry; but now I realize my foolishness. Countless before me, figures of sheer intelligence, have reasoned that there can be no such carefree weaving of threads. I was proud and refused to listen. I weaved and I got lost. I met a series of contradictions and confused myself to a point where I did not know what more or what less to believe in. So I cleared my mind; expunged every clogging thought and listened closely to the one true Self. Thus I arrived at this position in which those countless before me have already settled. This position I thought I would never take. I even warned myself against it. But reason leads one only on a single path, and that is to the most honest of truths. One may attempt to defy reason; go on one’s own path, steer into the sandy dunes to find one’s own treasure; but they will find none. And eventually, if one remains faithful to one’s mind, one will end up trailing the path which initially he refused to followed, and thence be led to the most honest of truths.


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