On the legalization of gay marriage

So I just heard that gay marriage has been legalized across all of America. At first, I saw no problem with it; every human being deserves their right to life, and to possess homosexual tendencies is far from criminal. But this is a very selfish view to take of the situation. We are looking only at the satisfaction of gay couples. What of the children?

Children being born of (through a surrogate parent) or adopted by gay couples will be deprived of either a father-figure or a mother-figure. I am no apt psychologist to know exactly what imbalances this might effect on the child’s mind and attitudes, but they are surely not ‘right’. There is reason why majority are drawn towards the opposite sex. Upend this calling of nature and who knows what will happen.

By this I do not mean to disdain gays. I respect their dispositions and know fully well how it is to be trapped in one, just as I am trapped in my own life philosophies. Thus I respect that very right which existence has bestowed upon them: free will.

Still I must announce this one caveat, however much reprisal I might later face, if not for the sake of the children then for the sake of reason: gay couples must not get too entangled in the question of their freedom, insofar that they push valiantly for it and forget all other consequences of their actions. They must relieve themselves of their cause for just a moment and think about how such a legalization might impact their children or the society. They must remember that above all, they serve not themselves alone but humanity at large.

The various LGBT movements are commendable, for they expunge the many tenets of society and boast liberty of thought. But once they begin to think themselves the champions of the absolute truth, they turn into those monarchs of the humanity whom at the beginning they vowed to vanquish.

Thus we must, in everything we pursue, be it a good or a seeming truth, never accord ourselves invincible authority and then narrow our vision to solely our pursuits. This is the way to rationale living.


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