Au revoir faith/rationality

Perhaps the process of self-overcoming follows the peaks and troughs of a wave. First, you learn what faith is. You understand it, experience it, and settle in it. But your will begins to rebel; it questions those experiences and wonders if you have been tricked into submission. You question further and eventually, you depart from the faith, believing it all to be a hoax – an illusory refuge which your dull heart had sought. You learn of the ways of the rationalists and are convinced that this is where you truly belong. You then look for opponents; the Ubermensch demands this of you. You find the empiricists, the phenomenologists. They tell you that faith cannot be instructed by reason – the rationalist shall never find faith. Kierkegaard bellows in agreement: faith is beyond reason! So finally you wonder to yourself if you have been wrong all this while; that while reason has its paths to truths, so too does faith, that irrational south. You think to yourself: “since there seems so much comfort to be found in faith, why not I just succumb to it? After all the goal of all existence is happiness. Let me leave my reason to all other matters except that of faith. Faith is irrational, but what is irrational is not necessarily false.” There you have discovered faith once again. And there again begins the entire process of self overcoming; that rising with flow and declining with the ebb.


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