Still a pawn

Finally, I am chastised by my teacher. He has taught me to create my own virtues and be driven by solely my will to power. But in my blind and voracious acquisition of knowledge, I have failed to do all that which he asks; I have only borrowed those virtues of others and paraded them as my own. I am an imitator, a slave to foreign wills. The path on which I had so gallantly tread, peering imperiously over the heads of the conforming and the superstitious, has led me nowhere. I am as lost as all others. I am no thinker, no champion of truth, no purveyor of reason; I am a pawn who has mistaken the light clasp of the king’s commanding hand for a royal crown. I am a pawn marching alongside all others. There is still a far way to go before I can reach the other end and rise to the ranks of royalty; before I can meet the Overman.


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