The beauty of life

Have you ever, on a balmy afternoon, looked back on your entire life and felt an ineffable wonderment at the intricate turns and windings it has made? Every small action and consequence has culminated at last to this present moment where you sit insouciant on the park bench, the breeze brushing lightly against your features. The world spins as it has spun before, and all about life prances delightfully as it has before. Reality, usually mundane, morphs into something surreal, something magical. “However did I end up here?” You ask yourself. But you have been stupefied by the immense complexity and power of history, and can find no way to define an answer. You look around and see some other people chatting under a stone pavilion. And all of a sudden you behold the same immensity of their lives; are they not as profound and miraculous as yours? Life is indeed most beautiful, you think to yourself. The gratitude within you is flaring, but to whom shall you deliver it? God, perhaps. Or perhaps, you need only channel it to your will and turn it mighty.


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