Do you believe you are called to community

I will admit that it was rather disheartening to hear of some members admit of their discontent with the community. To be more honest, it was member whose words truly poisoned my optimism, smeared that dainty impression I have of the community. What was opined was something like this: I have communities of friends beyond this one in church, and I do feel quite more comfortable being amongst them. And could I not have felt, as I imagined some others might have too, that we were doing too little for each other, or that we had inadvertently taken this member’s demeanor to be something other than what is actually brewing dissatisfaction.

I suppose when all the time I thought highly of the worth of community, I assumed the others thought the same. I assumed too that when they appeared reluctant to attend sessions, that it was only because they were lazy; I assumed that deep in their hearts, they were still bound to the community by a sense of belonging and responsibility. And so to have this all proven otherwise, I naturally felt disquiet.

A vision fleeted through my mind this afternoon. I imagined all of us finding no purpose in community, slowly began to leave, one after another, until finally, there was no one left. We all went our separate ways. Some remained in contact, but the community which once banded us all together had lost its power. What will be of BASIC but an interest of the gossipers.

It is a terrible, terrifying vision. I hope it does not come true.


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