Of patience

Just as Icarus had flown too closely to the sun, whereupon his waxen wings melted and he fell into a pelagic demise, so too might one fly too closely to his sun and thereupon risk a similar fate.

Thus, one must be careful never to be as Icarus was; proud and blinded by ambition. Instead, one ought to be patient. Though his wings may have brought him to such masterful and delirious heights; though he may feel the warm currents skirting his shoulders and presume it no harm to go closer to that effulgent orb of gold, he must be disciplined in continuing his ascent in a slow and gradual fashion: taking heed of the temperature at every new altitude, accustoming himself to it, then moving still higher. Soaring without caution will only torch his wings, for how could he know when to stop?


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