On hedonism

Today in class we discussed the concept of hedonism, and whether it is fallible. Many tried to argue against it; but upon deeper inquisition realized a failure. For instance, someone claimed that the goal of life is to experience the diversity of nature and draw lessons from it. Another asserted that it is to do moral good and abstain from immorality. To these, the freshly initiated hedonists, myself being amongst them, replied very swiftly that both wisdom and virtue are aimed at some form of pleasure. An acquisition of wisdom satisfies the curious soul, while the practicing of virtues satiates a secret pride; or if one were a non-egoist, then it warms their empathetic hearts. Yet another tried to defeat hedonism by weaving tricky scenario. He presented the case of Bruce Wayne: why does he willingly suffer? For a moment, most of us were baffled. But quickly, it became clear that Bruce Wayne willingly suffered the bruises and inconveniences of being a night-time vigilante only so that he might see Gotham expunged of criminals and the city restored to its former peace. Bruce Wayne is a non-egiostic hedonist; he holds the well-being of the citizens of Gotham before the physical and mental pains he suffers. The hedonists triumphed once more. The rest of the day I spent thinking of ways to prove wrong hedonism, to find a little crack and pry it open – I could think of none. Still, I guess there might be some answers on the Internet. I’ll look tomorrow.


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