All that needs to be heard

Finally, a Christian admits to me that there is indeed no reasonable route to faith, and that of two sides into which the unknowable divides itself, he has chosen to stand on the side of the theist.

He believes in an omnibenevolent God not because reason has led him to it – for he contends that there exists no such reason – but because it brings him peace. I think this is what shall appease the many obstinate opponents of Christianity. For reason is their anchor, and all they ask of the religious is that they realize the reasons behind their convictions, or if there were none, then admit of it. Only in this way can they realize also that the books, the doctrines, the teachings which they esteem as divine and everlasting truths, may appear to others as false. As Nietzsche remarked: “the only absolute truth is that there are no absolute truths.”

Yet, every man is entitled to a way of life which he determines as best for himself, and so the non-religious shall not intrude upon sacred grounds of Christians nor puncture their hopes with harsh and unforgiving words. No, the upholders of reason are also the upholders of harmony. And what surer way to nurture this harmony then to always keep reason close to one’s heart, even in the realms of that blind-believing called faith?


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