To Fraulein, a hope for the future

Should I meet you again some day, just the both of us, I will not hide my character behind practiced witticism or a wizardly confidence, but reveal to you who I truly am. I shall speak of the things that I usually speak of and shall keep silent, as according to my usual reticence, when I have nothing on my mind or when I simply wish for a silent pause. It is pointless to be an actor in front of whom I wish to be a fellow audience – a companion to enjoy this great theatrical called “life” with. If you do not laugh at my jokes or find me interesting, or worse, find me queer, then so it shall be. I may very well will be driven by our dissonance out of this terrible love spell. Or perhaps (I take the most optimistic view here), we shall find in each other a soothing something which we do not possess in ourselves, realize in each other a world yet undiscovered, and thereupon unite like two poles of the earth: distant in space but connected ever so intimately.


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