The road less laborious

Where does one draw the distinction between pursuing a passion and opting for the easier path? I hear all the time the lamentations of my other friends, who having no particular interest in any academic subjects, decided to study something of the highest practical value: engineering. Daily, I see them toil at convoluted equations and abstract theories of physics. They hate it, and yet they endure; for this is their duty as a student. They are merely raising themselves up to be productive members of society. The hardship, as they see it, is necessary, inevitable. Now, at the other end of the spectrum is where I lie. What I have chosen to study, I enjoy. I am disadvantaged however by the dire lack of prospects which my course of study entails. But this is not the issue of my current consideration. The issue I am concerned with is: have I unconsciously used my passion as a form of excuse – to escape the hardships of engaging in the more “useful” studies, of fashioning myself as an efficacious cog of the industry? Supposing this is the case, the future, I imagine, will punish me for my cowardly indolence.


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