On the history of my speech

I had a senior in college whose eloquence I greatly admired. I still remember quite clearly a remark which a mutual friend had made of her: “don’t you feel that air of sophistication about her?” It was her elegant of manner of speech, together with a pulchritude befitting of the elegance, that gave her that air. Could I have known that some years down, I would come to possess an eloquence of almost equal caliber? (This hardly means that I am voraciously eloquent, insofar as to permit myself to high-minded claims, but rather that I am only as eloquent as she was, which to many an observer might very well be considered sub-par) I say almost because I can only vaguely recall the manner in which she spoke, the words she used, the propriety she afforded casual sentences. But these are all aside from the point. The point, and also a source of wonderment, is the inquiry into the consequences of those impressions I had of her. Was it those impressions that had quietly simmered in the sparsely visited hollows of my mind and there conjured a passionate drive for eloquence?


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