Post-independence Singapore and a comic parallel

Has it occurred to no one the resemblance of Singapore in those immediate years after separating from Malaysia, as it implored its nonchalant neighbor to change her mind, and dreamt frivolously of reunification, insofar as to decree Malay its national language, to the spectacle of a adolescent boy being cast away by his girlfriend – the single person on whom he had depended so much of his happiness. And now all alone, he tries his best to recover her heart. In his mind constantly quivers that distant image of eventually succeeding. He also goes about his life imagining how things might be different had she not left him; weaving her into every prospect life seems to promise. He makes her favorite tune his anthem and keeps assiduously to the habits of the past. How stubborn and foolish this young heart. He has depended far too much on this one person and for that short-sightedness, he rightly suffers. But through the suffering, he learns to be independent. Yes, that is the path which Singapore too has taken. Now, observe, the mighty heights to which it has flourished!


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