To Fraulein, the pious

I’m afraid that if you come to learn of the immense distance with which I have separated myself from the faith, you shall be begin to think me a cold, insolent, heartlessly methodical creature. Rightly so. For faith has many times restored you from a state of desolation to the lark full of gaiety you naturally are. It has given you comfort and joy; crackled as a tender fireplace as you pass through the storms and blizzards of life. All these I have gathered from your earnest words. I thus imagine that if I told how I can no longer find any joy in this faith, how I have begun to consider it purposeless, you shall be greatly perplexed: “how could such a thing which I treasure with all my heart mean nothing to you?” And because it is a collection of all those positive symbols, warmth, love, wonderment, I shall appear to you as the pitiable, antithetical foreigner – cold, unfeeling and insipid.


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