To Fraulein, my Atlas

Just as a single shift in the poise of Atlas can bring about earthquakes and tsunamis, so a single shift in your attitude towards me, perhaps passing your eyes over me or affording me fewer words than you do others, can swirl up a tempest of emotions. Indeed, on occasions, where you disposition is kind and we laugh at the same things, my world is tranquil, and all about me lightens with hope. But on those where you appear indifferent, just casually indifferent to my presence – though I do not think you ever mean it purposefully – oh, what chaos and confusion you bring to my tranquil world. You up-heave it’s very fabric, and I am made to worry constantly about the roof falling onto my head or the water rising up to consume me. Nevertheless, Fraulein, you are my Atlas – the being on whom I can settle peacefully.


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