To two cherished friends

It has always been a mysterious fear of mine to see the both of you fall in love. Hardly is the reason a petty one; that I wish for neither of you to find companionship, but remain with me on this plane of solitude. No, though I can be childish, I am not so spectacularly childish as that. Instead, I shall be glad for the both of you, for having found in each other the missing piece to life’s puzzle. But I shall also feel a slight sense of abandonment. This is inevitable. For then, the both of you shall share an intimacy which surpasses friendship, and that from which I must naturally be excluded. And of the joys and laughter shared in your private hut I shall have neither stake nor knowledge. Perhaps, we shall still go about our adventures, the three of us, but I don’t imagine they shall be the same as those we go on now. Now, we go as friends; then, we will go as a pair and a friend.


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