On casting judgement

Have you ever had your judgments turn around and sting you? That is, you cast a judgement, a not so polite one, on someone; all the while thinking to yourself that you shall never be besmirched by that distasteful quality. But some time later, a month maybe, you find yourself exactly like that person you upon whom you had cast judgement. This ill-quality is repulsive; you wish to expel it, and yet, it seems bound to your being. Could it be, you wonder, that it has all along been lurking inside of you? And it is for this reason alone – that the worm is burrowed inextricably in your cerebrum – that you detest it. You detest the worm, and so with it, the quality. But detesting it is no use, so you try desperately look for it in another person. You find it in a person and you think: “Ah, there is the worm! It is no longer inside of me, since I know what it is, the form in which it manifests, and I am nothing like that person.” It is a clever tactic – but one which does not hold for very long. The quality eventually comes back to you, or rather, re-emerges.


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