On freewill and the concept of Heaven

To those who esteem the freewill defense, I pose you this conundrum: if all the evils of the earth are caused by the flawed choices of free-willed beings, and if Heaven, that eternal enclave of euphoria, is free from any such evils, then it must follow that Heaven cannot permit freewill. But did we not already agree that freewill is the highest gift God could have bestowed man? To put it little more clearly: freewill is necessary to absolute happiness, and yet freewill negates that absolute happiness because of its very nature. Now, you might then say that Heaven works very differently from the reality we know; and it is entirely possible that God has made it in such a way that, even after granting us freewill, no evil shall ever come out of it. But this begs the question of why God didn’t fashion our world the same way he has Heaven – why does he allow suffering to come from freewill when he can easily manipulate the laws of logic so as to create a form of freewill from which no suffering might arise? So unless, one is willing to compromise on the perfection of Heaven, the freewill defense will not work.


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