Conforming to the machine

It is appearing to me more and more so that one cannot just pursue one’s passion and hope to get away with a rosy life. Our society is too structured, too methodical, too rigid, to accommodate the wishes of individuals. One will have to conform to what is proper. That means to acquire technical skills that are relevant to this industrious machine. And if one has a passion for these sort of skills, then one has struck the lottery. As for those who do not, the majority I am presuming, they must work doubly hard if they still wish to pursue their passions. They must first learn those technical skills necessary for a stable income, or any income at all; and only afterwards, with what remaining energy they have left, pound on the hot iron of their passion. By then, I imagine, the pounding will not be quite so satisfying as when they did in their vibrant youth. Nevertheless, one can decide to pursue his passion solely and hope to one day rise to greatness; whereupon he shall find a fair, if not comfortable, income. But this is terrible risk to take. Can one be so certain of his talents – that among the millions in the world, there are very few whom are like him?


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