May the marriage last

Attended a wedding today. I had thought to skip it and just loll about at home; spare myself some quiet time before the flocks of papers come flying in and causing a ruckus. But how glad I was to have gone for it, for what a delight it has made of an otherwise mundane afternoon.

The adventures of the day aside, isn’t marriage quite a beautiful thing? As I watched the bride walk slowly up the aisle, her father steadfastly by her side, and her white veil blurring the features of her face, but never concealing the gleeful smile, I felt as if I could imagine the happiness that was swelling up within her. Here is a person whom you truly love and wish to live your entire life beside, and now before all your friends and all your family, you are able to make that declaration. And it is not merely a declaration to bind the both of you under a holy seal, but one to express the confidence that you each have in one another; that is enough to spring the both of you towards a life-long commitment.


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