He came to tell me about Jesus Christ

Just this afternoon, I was approached by a Christian. To use the line made infamous by The Book of Mormons, he came to tell me about Jesus Christ. He began by asking me if I believed in the afterlife. I told him, no. Death is the ultimate end for me. But he disregarded the sentiment completely, albeit with a polite nod and polite pause, and then went on ahead in his impassioned rambling about the faith. It seemed quite practiced. I imagined he had repeated it several times already. If not the persistence, then one must at least admire the conviction that continues to ring through his words; like a bell that toils daily and yet never sounds a decibel softer. When he arrived at the conditions for entering Heaven, my attention once again rose to life; or rather, it was when he told me that only by faith can one secure in place in those Elysian fields. Of course, I found the notion to be exceptionally distasteful. For what monsters shall be permitted their ways; whom, in thinking that by faith alone they are made impervious to ultimate retribution, shall see no reason to inhibit their grotesque expeditions. So, naturally, I posed him a question reflective of this contingency. He said: “As long as they believe..” And stopped listening. These people are ludicrous. They would much rather determine their lives entirely upon the words of pious men than upon their God-given reason. Is that not true blasphemy?


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