Overestimating myself

It is a terrible habit of mine to suppose myself very capable in matters concerning language and speech. I am good at neither, and this shall be seen as soon as I recount to you what has just happened to me. I had given a speech this morning as part of an assignment for a module called, needless to say, “Public Speaking”. It went disastrously. I stuttered from the start to finish, made jokes at which no one laughed, lost the eloquence so natural to my internal voice, and exceeded the time limit by an embarrassing margin, which consequently resulted in my having to compress the latter half of the story into an uninspiring summary. Later on, I read on my feedback slip that not only had I committed all those flaws already described, but also spoken rather monotonously and stood in a posture redolent of defeat. I felt utterly destroyed by the end of the lesson. What a terrible thing this terrible habit has done to me.


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