Emotional lethargy

Have you ever felt tired from ‘feeling’? And by this I do not refer to the entire enterprise of feeling, for that would be ridiculous, but only to those affairs concerning the more polarized emotions: happiness, sadness, frustration, anxiety, excitement, and so on. Thus you descend to the bottom of your emotional state, to the virgin earth of neutrality. You cease to smile, or laugh, or weep, or cheer, or jeer, or sigh, or lie; in effect, you cease to feel anything more than is necessary to your functioning as a unit of life. Then, as if fate were tempting you out of that numbness, you witness a comical scene. Naturally, you’d laugh, or just chuckle slightly, but now, you merely gaze. You let the scene pass through your mind like sequence in the shadow theater, and you wonder where lies the hilarity; you locate it and wonder further why you aren’t laughing. You are simply observing the world as it appears, devoid of the life that emotion raises in it.


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