Looking through another’s eyes

Just now, while on the train, I was seated next to an old English woman. She held up her kindle to her chin and was reading from it. The words were large enough so that I could see clearly every sentence on the page. The first one read: “Have you a headache?” And for a moment, I wondered how it would sound in her mind – being read out by her voice and understood by her intuitions. Doubtless, the sentence would be read in that usually decorous, proper accent. But what about the impression that strikes her at the fleeting instant the sentence is understood? Or the image that forms in her mind, whose lines, curves, and colors are borrowed from her inimitable memory? Or the significance she unknowingly accords this new piece of information? This is what I am really curious to know. Imagine being in another person’s body; it will be like nothing you ever imagined.


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