Punch those guys in the face

What absolutely frustrates me is the deliberate transformation of intuitive ideas, methods, actions, responses, into dry, sophisticated-sounding, technical terms. This module I am taking, Public Speaking and Critical Reasoning, does exactly that; and I can’t help but to feel like punching the lecturer and the authors of those pointless textbooks in the face. For example, they tell you about this measurement called “rate of speech”. It simply means how quickly or how slowly the person is speaking. And they further explain that you should vary your rate of speech according to the receptiveness of the audience – if they are unfamiliar with the topic, slow down etc. Now, isn’t this already such an obvious adjustment? Must you really tell us everything, treat us like complete fools, lacking in empathy or whichever faculty is necessary to the concoction of an appropriate response? And whence does that urge in you arise, to describe, to supplant ordinary language with scholastic gibberish? You do not deserve the titles you have been given.


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