A bright, young 16-year-old

This morning I had the chance to speak to a young girl, of age 16, about what she thought of God and faith and the ceaseless proclivities of religion. It turned out that her father was a professor of philosophy under whom I had once studied. After the preambles, she told me how she felt a little “distant” from God. I asked her why, and she replied with a serious explication of her doubts, all of which resembled my own. Could I not have been astounded at the sheer depth of thought borne by that unassuming sixteen-year-old? I had assumed at sixteen years old, that she’d obediently acquiesce to what is told to her about God. After all, such matters are hardly the occupation of teenagers. But she refused to accept plainly the responses given by the adults and began questioning further. It was the intense passion for the truth and the profound employment of reason that I admired. Such values are sorely lacking in the youths these days.


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