The uncompromising stupidity

Do this, and this, and this.
And if I wish to do it in another way? For example, I could..
No, you’re not allowed to; the textbook says already to do this, and this, and..
I know. But the idea expressed is all the same. I’m simply adapting it to..
Do you want your marks deducted? 
No, certainly not! All I’m asking is if..
No questions, young man. Just do as the book tells you to.
But, miss, I don’t understand. 
You don’t have to understand. Just follow the structure. 
Surely, things have been done differently before?
Yes, and those delinquents failed.
I suppose there is nothing left to be argued then, is there? 
Good that you’ve learnt your lesson. Now do this, and this, and this. 


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