Of cars I want

Of course I want a powerful car. A Maserati maybe, or I’ll even settle for a Porsche – one of those orange-colored Carreras would be nice. I never thought I’d come to have such desires. In fact, I thought myself quite the opposite; I imagined that I would content with a simple car. A car is a car, and I’ll only need it for transport purposes. Aesthetics are inessential. But now, I cannot imagine myself any happier than being able to cruise down the street or on the wide stretches of the highway in a roaring luxury car. I’d be lying if I said all that entices me are the comfort of the ride and the power of the engine. There’s prestige too which I crave. Oops, I think I’ve said a little too much. Better to hide under the thick veil of parsimony, to blend into the crowd of modesty, than reveal oneself as already immersed in the radiance of the material world.


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