God is the question, not the answer

So must we accept that God’s existence can never be proved, nor can it be disproved. God must always remain a metaphysical mystery, a conception of the mind too immense to behold. Take him as we may in a form of a man, adorn him with a white beard and mighty scepter, give him powers of paradoxical limits, light in him a majestic heart that glows in abundance of generosity, place in his hands the reins to all fate and the seal of time; and still, my friends, you will come nowhere close to discovering who he truly is. Perhaps, it is even wrong to call God “he”. Neither might God be called an “it”. God is everything and nothing, existence and the void, the sum of infinity and the negation of it all. God can never be answer because God is indefinable. It will do well for both the atheist and the faithful to take up this position. For then the atheist would know to be humble, and the faithful to understand those who do not believe. And is not all religious-driven violence caused by taking God as the answer?


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