You looking at you

Do you ever imagine looking at yourself from another person’s perspective? You see this person that is you, but you don’t really know him (or her), because in truth, you have never met him; the chance has never been given to you. Surely, you know yourself from inside. You are you, there is no denying that. But all you know about yourself is merely from your perspective. Every thought, every impression you have about you, is tainted by your nature, your memories, experiences, characteristics, habits, psychology, etc. But imagine for a moment that you are one of your friends, and that you’re walking towards yourself. Do you feel any different? Is that person in front of you really the person you know yourself to be? You look at yourself move, saunter, shift, reach into your bag, or ruffle your hair, you observe your gait, the length of your strides; you see yourself at angles you have never seen before, you hear your voice; it sounds so different from what reverberates in your head. Just who is this person before you? It is you, but it is also the person you know the least about. You are a stranger to yourself.


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