Expecting vs. Anticipating

I think I’ve been living life all wrong – I have been expecting rather than anticipating. The difference here is subtle, yet significant enough to effect a palpable change in one’s life. When you expect something to happen, something to go your way, you are taking it as an event that is certain. To anticipate it, however, is to keep it within the realm of possibility; it is to not formulate just yet all the consequences that will arise from it, but to hold it in anticipation at the tip of your mind. Expecting thus brings about either disheartenment (in face of failure) or boredom (in the face of success). Anticipation, on the other hand, allows one to make of the situation as if it had come as a complete surprise. Because nothing has been fixed to the outcome, we have every chance to fix our thoughts onto it as it unravels itself. In this way, we are allowed to make the best possible of the outcome; we are able to view it through the most optimistic and meaningful lenses.


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