Oh no.

I am completely aware that I am writing utter rubbish. Sometimes, when I lose hold of a train of thought, and begin to realize the rubbish that is piling up in front of me, or that the past five sentences have absolutely no relevance to the question, I force myself back onto the faulty track. It is too late now to try to correct things. If I leave out this heap of rubbish, the essay will look sparse and insubstantial. The professor will look through it, and arriving the end, exclaim: “Huh, that’s it?” I hence feel it better that I produce something that looks whole, but is really no more than agglomerated gibberish, attempting, by the incisions of jargon, to fool the uncareful eye into believing that it is in fact genuine academic material. I doubt I shall fool anyone – not even the fool. If I am now to describe myself as Dasein, I should approximate as Being-towards-failure. Oh no.


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