The old magistrate

The old magistrate sits atop a sand dune. He begins to feel thirsty and yells for his servants. None of them come – no one is in sight. The seething winds howl as if wanting to be freed from the emptiness. Then, out of frustration, the old magistrate gets up. “Those insolent bums; I’ll have their heads off,” complains him as he straightens his creaking knees. But as soon as the weight funnels to his feet, he begins sinking into the careless sand. Deeper and deeper he sinks until eventually only his head is left protruding. He peers to the heavens, aware that the only one capable of saving him is the ancient Bear of the Mighty Beard. He recalls his mother once telling him about this Bear; how in the most desperate of times, one needs only to growl to seek its aid. So the old magistrate musters what spirit is left in him and emits a mighty growl. The sound echoes across the sweeping horizon. The sand shivers and the wind turns foul.


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