Unnecessary deliberations

It might be better if I studied 3 topics rather than all 4. The paper will consist of 4 questions, of which we will have to pick 2. Surely, it will not be that more than 2 questions are centered on the topic I have decided to leave out of my study. But the question arises: what if those questions centered on the topics you have studied are incredulously difficult? I have no plan for such a circumstance. No one can stop misfortune from coaxing a tear or a breath of lamentation. But the advantage, you see, of this seemingly lazy strategy, is that I will not have to waste time deciding which questions to pick. Are there not times when you feel as if you have the capacity to write for all the questions, and you can’t decide which of those will give you the higher grade? And if, after a period of deliberation, you settle on one, a small part of your mind will be still be hanging over that other question, trying secretly to patch together an answer for it. That is the distraction and the demise.


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