Good advice

All I’ve ever done is to try and give good advice. And if the person doesn’t need it, I still give it to him because good advice is all that I have to offer. I never stop giving good advice, or at least advice which I think is good. It’s in my nature to just want to give good advice. This was not until someone told me that sad people don’t want to hear your good advice – they want good advice, surely, but just not your good advice. So it was that I stood back a little to consider my dispensing of good advice. I thought of myself in their position and wondered if I would like to hear their good advice. But I couldn’t imagine that. So I took the person’s word and stopped giving good advice. Then later on came a sad person; and the sad person asked me what he ought to do. And I was just nearly about to give him good advice when I remembered that I shouldn’t. So I kept the good advice to myself, wishing he could somehow hear them. As it was, I had nothing else to say, since I couldn’t speak of the good advice I had for him, and so I remained silent.


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