Tom, the funny man

Tom was always the one making witty remarks, and everyone at the table would be laughing. At the end of the night, everyone in the tavern would have come to know Tom, and before leaving, would always thank him for instilling comedy and joy into the drizzly night. But one day, Tom lost his wit. He came into the tavern looking quite alive, but as soon as the people had gathered around his table, waiting in eagerness for him to speak, he shuddered and muttered something incomprehensible, and then fell silent. And when finally, he pieced together a coherent sentence, everyone looked at him strange, as if they couldn’t understand what he had just said. Then he repeated himself. And someone asked if he was alright. Tom nodded and took a sip of his beer. By the end of the night, Tom was sitting alone at his table. Everyone had dispersed and gone into their own conversations. Then, everyone left without saying a word to Tom.


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